Being an All 4 The Animals dogs and cats volunteer means more than having a job, it means having a mission!

Volunteering with All 4 The Animals is a wonderful way to support the animal community and make new friends! Volunteers are expected to volunteer an average of 2 hours per month in any area of interest. There are many wonderful activities to select from.

Foster Home

Fostering is the very backbone of the rescue community. For each dog or cat thast goes into a foster home, another one is saved from the shelter. We are looking for people who would be willing to bring a foster cat or dog in to their home and treat him / her as if they were their own pet! The cat /dog would be fostered until he / she was adopted in to a new, loving family. We pay medical expenses.

Event Animals Caretaker

We need help on the weekends from 12am - 3pm with our Dogs and cats at adoption events! You can stay for as long as you'd like! We always appreciate any help we can get! You can do any of the following tasks: walk the dogs, sit with the dogs, talk with public, fill water bowls, set up our adoption table, tear down our adoption table, make copies of paperwork and many other fun activities!!

Volunteer Coordinator

We are looking for someone to take the lead on recruiting and organizing volunteers! Great way to make new friends and open the public eye to the wonderful volunteer opportunites available!

Adoption Consultant (Cats and Dogs)

We are looking for assistance with talking to potential families and matching one of our cats or dogs with the appropriate family lifestyle. You can shadow one of our trained consultants and learn about being one of our consultants.




-Transport Coordinator:

Serve as the go-between for drivers, shelters and rescue directors to make for smooth, hassle free transports of dogs from kill shelters to safe homes.

-Puppy Care and Clean-up:

Dedicate two hours one night a week to come play with puppies! Change their bedding, feed, clean, adore them and socialize in preparation for their permanent homes.

-Administrative Assistant:

Help rescue directors copy forms, transmit health records and adoption paperwork to adopters, help with mailings.

-Web Expert:

Help us with redesign of our website and creation of a user-friendly format with all of the bells and whistles.

-Home Visit Ambassador:

Check on our dogs after they've moved into their new homes. Minimal time commitment. Need volunteers all over the region (DC, MD & VA) to visit adopter's homes and check in our pups to make sure they're healthy, happy and adjusting well.