All 4 The Animals Rescue is an animal rescue organization dedicated to saving and caring for homeless animals....specifically dogs (especially those in danger of being euthanized). It is our mission to give them a second chance to live a good, healthy life with a loving forever family. And until that day comes, they always have a home with our rescue. The rescue was started by myself and another individual. We both have always had a love for animals from childhhood on up and it brings us great joy and comfort to be a part helping dogs the need is so very much.

For them: When no one cares...we care. When no one remembers...we remember. When no one loves...we love. When no one speaks...we speak. When no one is there..we are there. When there is no hope...we are hope.

For every dog that has been dumped, every little pup that has been abandoned, for those wandering the streets starving, for those starving for attention, for every bully dog that has a bad rep, for every abused or neglected dog, for every dog with no family, for all the dogs that were not rescued in their darkest hours



We do not have a kennel / shelter type of facility. We believe the most effective and successful way to match families and pets is to foster them in our own homes. Fostering dogs allows us to train the dogs to have good doggie manners and also allows us to learn about the dog's personality and character. Fostering the cats allow us to make sure they are litter box trained and determine whether or not they get along with other kitties, dogs and various other 'situations' that occur in everyday life. Ultimately fostering our rescue animals allows us to give you complete information on the pet's behavior and how well he / she will fit with your family and lifestyle.